Using a Bus Rental Company

There are different reasons why people might need a bus rental service. Many people enjoy taking a bus on a day trip. This frees the person from the hassles of driving to their destination. People also use them for overnight or weekend getaways. Another popular reason people take buses is to go on sightseeing tours. Many times these types of rentals come with a well informed tour guide. People enjoy this, because they can enjoy a carefree day while learning information about a new area. They can also be used for transportation to and from airports and hotels.

Using a bus rental service can be a cost effective way for individuals or groups to travel without worrying about traffic and other hassles that come with driving. There are a couple of things people should look for before renting a bus. First, customers want to make sure that company operates in their area and the area that want to travel to. Customer want to make sure a company offers the type of service they need. For example, if a customer wants to take a day trip, they need to make sure that the company that they use provides day trips and not just overnight trips or trips to and from airports.

There are a couple of different places to look for bus rental companies. Of course, most companies are listed in the yellow pages. Most companies also have websites. This is a good place for potential customers to find lots of useful information about companies. Customers can find out what types of services, what types of polices, and what types of rates the companies offer. Company websites usually show the different types of buses or vans that they offer for customer use.

Making sure to use a reliable bus rental company is important. There are a couple of ways to make sure a company is reliable. People looking for a good company can ask friends and family about their experiences with different companies. Firsthand experience like this is probably the best way for potential customers to get their information about bus companies. They can ask their friends and family if they were pleased or displeased with the service they received. Another good way to see if a company is reliable is by reading online reviews. Past customers often post about their experiences with companies on the Internet. This is good, because customers can get an idea of what a large number of people think about a company. Checking with the Better Business Bureau is another good way to find out whether a bus company is reliable.

Consider a Party Bus Rental Service For Your Next Event

Before someone gets married, there are usually a number of events that precede the wedding. There is the engagement party, bachelors party and bachelorette party, and of course the wedding itself. Many people think that a limo is the only way to go in terms of transportation for these types of events. The problem is, there is often not enough room in one limo, especially if there is a large wedding party, so several are rented which not only costs a lot of money but also separates the party group. However, there is a great alternative, which is called a party bus rental service.

A party bus is the perfect alternative to renting several limos for a group of people. Party buses can house smaller parties of about 20 to huge parties of about 50, this versatility makes them great for any size group. If you are thinking that this is not the kind of bus rental service that you have in mind, you should consider some of the many amenities that a party bus has to offer. Once you understand what you can get from a party bus, you may never consider taking a limo again.

First of all, there are party buses that have very interesting outsides that can be quite appealing. Many bus rental service companies go out of their way to ensure that the outside of the bus looks like there is a party going on inside. They can be sleek and shiny, flashy or even hot pink. It is the inside, however, that offers the most appeal. Instead of entering a bus with rows of seats, you will find couches, lounge chairs, dance floors, wide screen TVs full bars and even beds in some (depending on what type of party that you are having).

You can choose to travel around a city or take a trip to Vegas using a bus rental service, but you can make it truly memorable by using a party bus for your needs. Whether you are getting married and want to celebrate and get from here to there with all of your friends in tow or you are heading for the prom and you want to have a place for you and your friends to party, a party bus is a great option to a limo. Cheaper than renting three or more limos and a lot more comfortable, you are going to find this is an easy way to get your party on.

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School Bus Rental – The Yellow Bus Company

If you have somewhere to go with a class or with specific children, you don’t just have to do it by hoping enough individuals will be able to have their family drive them to school. One of the ways that you can get to your destination is by using school bus rental. This will give you the ability to get to your desired point of destination with the best option for travel to the area that you want to go.

Even though school buses are used for public transportation of children, they are not necessarily required to stay only in one area or with one route. School buses also function as a company that can provide extra transportation so that you can have direct routes to the area that you are going to. This will allow individuals to get to the points needed for the best price and for the options that will provide the best of getting to the desired destination.

When you are looking into buses that are a part of school bus rental, you can start by examining the different companies and options that are available. Typically, you will be working with a school bus driver as a part of the company in order to drive you towards your desired destination. This will allow you to find a school bus that is convenient and has the same qualities as other types of rental bus companies, allowing you to get the most convenient option.

Not only will you want to find the most convenient bus, but will want to find a school bus that will get better mileage and gas, dependent on how many people are going along for the ride. This will be combined with different types of bus formats that are available, such as a regular sized bus or a minibus. Each school bus area will be able to find you the best option in buses, dependent on how many people are traveling to the destination needed. These options will provide you with the ability to get to the location that you desire in the best way.

Not only can you find the best school buses through these rental options, but can also look into the comfort with the transportation, as well as the needs that you will have. For instance, if you are renting a school bus for a school function, the best option will be to go through the company that has the school buses in order to get the best options available to you. This will allow you to get all of the children to the competition, project or area with the most convenient type of transportation. If you are looking for something that has a longer distance or that doesn’t have the same functions, you will want to find a different type of company to provide you with the best.

If you are ready to get places, you can start by tapping into the yellow bus as an easy and convenient way to get to your destination. If you want to look at some of your best options, than finding a school bus rental will be able to provide you with a way to get to your desired destination in the most convenient way.

Read More About the Benefits of Bus Rental Services

Planning a trip is a common thing which is done by most of the families and many institutions. Let it be the family community trip, school field trip, or a trip from the church the first thing that crosses your mind is concerning the transportation facility. The commonly sought after transportation facility used by tour planners is a bus. When it comes to bus rentals, people think only about two options, a common yellow bus or a high end tour bus. Most folks are unaware that the options available in the field of bus rentals are varied.

Tour bus rentals can be chosen based on our needs and the number of persons traveling. If you are a small group, you can rent a bus which can take 12 people. The rental charges for such small buses will be less when compared to that of others. Buses can be as small as a 12-seater or a large and luxurious one which can take more than 50 people. The second thing to be considered while hiring a bus services is that of the comfort needed by you in the bus.

If you are planning for a long trip which will last more than two days, it would be better to rent a bus service which is more luxurious in providing comfortable seating and sleeping facilities within the bus. Though such buses will cost more, it is worth the money spent as people will not be suffering much during their trip. Most of the long trips will require us to stay in our bus for long hours of rides. In such cases, we can keep the people entertained by making use of additional facilities like an entertainment console. Entertainment features in a bus includes large TVs, DVD players etc.

Renting a bus with toilet facility will be better as it will save you more time by avoiding constant pit stops. Rental services will rent you only the bus or a driver along with the bus. It is always better to get a driver if you are going to an unfamiliar place. Most drivers will be well experienced in driving through such places. It will be better if your driver can perform the task of a tour guide too. It will make your trip more organized and he will be able to take you to places where you can do your shopping and sight seeing.

Things to Know About Party Bus Rental

Do you want to rent a party bus but you simply do not know where to start? Do not worry as I am here to help. Indeed there is nothing like a bus rental in order to help maintain the party mood when changing clubs or between dinners. There are various things that you will need to know when it comes to party bus rental and I hope that my article will be able to help.

First of all you should consider choosing a company that is legitimate and that will provide you a good service. Nowadays there are many companies that may charge some really affordable prices but only to give you a crap service. It is important that you keep this into account when looking for party bus rental. A lot of people simply underestimate that and ends up taking a bus with some inadequate equipment and also some unprofessional drivers.

You should also make sure that the party bus you choose is correctly insured in case of accidents. Here again choosing a reputed company should prevent you from having such problem. It is recommended that the insured amount be $1.5 million per vehicle in order to provide enough cover. Do not hesitate to ask question to the staff when you go to rent the bus. Some companies may even list all these information on their website and you should probably visit it in order to learn more on this.

It should also be quite helpful for you to pay a visit to the company before actually booking the party bus. This will allow you to have an idea about the amenities that you can expect from the bus. You should also seize the opportunity to ask the staff more information on the bus. For instance it will be interesting for you to find out what is included in the price. Also be sure to ask about pick-up time and the location.

If you want to save some money on your bus rental it might be a good idea for you to book early. Usually there is a form of early bird discount that is given to those that booked early and this should entitle you to have a discount. Also during the peak season there may be a shortage of buses and you will be in a better position if you book your party bus quite early.

Party Bus Rentals – Things to Know

Here are some of the top things you should know before, during your party bus rental.

Top 3 Things To Ask (Before Rental)

1. Ask what the complete cost of the trip is, including all fees.

Some party bus companies will give a base rate, which only includes the rental price and tax. The driver of the party bus is providing a service. There is a service industry standard for most areas to tip the driver 15-20% on the base rate before tax. Some companies already include this amount when they originally quote you.

2. Ask if they’re fully licensed, and have the proper up to date insurance.

It is in your groups best interest to inquire on licensing, prior to renting from any company. Like all industries there is always someone willing to cut corners and not obtain licenses, inspections, or proper insurance for what they do. Any company that would have an issue talking to you about this information shouldn’t be trusted. Their service could potentially harm you if the vehicle were to get into an accident, without proper licenses, or insurance.

3. Ask if alcohol is allowed on the party bus, if you’re of legal drinking age.

Some areas have laws against alcohol consumption on party buses. It is strongly recommended you ask this ahead of time, as most consumers assume it is legal and allowed.

It is in your best interest to ask ahead of time so there’s no surprises on the day of your rental.

4. Ask which audio devices are in the vehicle you’re renting.

Every vehicle has it’s own type of audio devices. Most consumers assume that every party bus will have an ipod input, mp3 input, cd player, and dvd player. This isn’t the case though as some party buses still only have cd players. Ensure you ask a head of time so don’t have any surprises on the day of your rental.

Top 4 Things To Ask (During Rental)

1. Ask for the drivers phone number.

Most companies will gladly provide the party bus drivers phone number to allow you to communicate with the driver directly. Some companies may require all communications to go through the office to allow the driver to focus on safely driving the party bus.
2. Ask the driver that picked you up if they’ll be the same driver for other the segments of your trip, if applicable.

Most companies will put the same driver on all segments of your trip. It’s best to find out the driver and their phone number for the other segments of your trip to ensure your party bus rental goes smoothly.

3. Ask the driver what information they have for the other segments of your trip, if applicable.

Companies are run by humans, and sometimes human errors are made. It is in your best interest to ensure that the driver taking care of your transportation is aware of the correct details.

4. Are there any additional costs I should be aware of.

Sometimes trips will go over the allotted quoted time, which could result in additional fees. There’s also a chance that your group may of damaged the vehicle in some way, which you want to be aware of right away. It’s strongly recommended to speak with the driver at the end of the trip to find out of there is any additional fee being charged to you, so you can split the cost with your group that night. It’ll be much harder for you to go back to your group down the road when you see a charge to your credit card on file.

We recommend to find legitimate party bus companies in your area. They’re a directory of party bus companies worldwide, and display the most important facts about each party bus, which should help with making a decision on which vehicle to choose for your next party bus rental.

Group Transportation Hassles Put to Rest with Help from Charter Bus Rental Service in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois is known for many symbols, deep dish pizza, Al Capone, Michael Jordan, and the Sears Tower. However, no one ever mentions group travel headaches, and uncoordinated transportation plans. Picture this; you need to coordinate your group of 25 of more, family members, business associates, cub scouts, church choirs, military personnel, etc to various locations within the Chicago metropolitan area. Next you weigh your options, public transportation, rental cars, or a limousine fleet. While the most economical choice, public transportation is often crowded and not always available for drop off at the exact location. As for rental cars, would you want to go through the trouble of ordering a caravan of rental cars and expect all of your passengers to navigate through Chicago’s crowded streets and neighborhoods? Finally, limousine service will provide transportation in style, but for large groups, who wants to coordinate multiple pickups? The answer that is economical, comfortable, punctual, and sensible is charter bus rentals in Chicago.

Charter bus service in Chicago will allow your group the chance to relax and put the driving in Chicago traffic to a professional that knows the area. Tired of pulling over for rest stops or trying to keep a group of antsy kids occupied? Most charter buses in Chicago provide onboard restrooms and DVD entertainment options. Chicago already has the world’s busiest airport in O’Hare International Airport, the world’s busiest expressway in the Dan Ryan, and the World’s largest convention center in McCormick place, add 7 million people to that mix and you have one bustling city. Chicago charter bus rentals allow groups to set up one point of pick up and drop off together. Oftentimes charter buses are allowed very close to the entrance of most destinations.

Whether your group is visiting Chicago’s many sporting events, cultural attractions or festivals, charter bus service allows for easy one spot parking, and a way for your group to stay together before, during and after the event. As most adults like to indulge in a few spirits to make their time with friends or family more enjoyable, charter bus service in Chicago also becomes the safe option for group travel. Whatever your group decides to partake in, Chicago has many options to make your stay enjoyable. Renting a charter bus in Chicago will allow you to enjoy the event with your group to its fullest.

Party Bus Rental Tips

Party it up the right way by renting a party bus! Thinking about booking a limo for a special event? Cruising around in classic stretch limousines may be a stretch as you are limited to a low roof. SUV limos are a little better, but for the ultimate event, one should definitely look into a party bus rental.

Party buses are hot these days. There are many advantages to renting one over traditional limos. First off, they will accommodate standing up, so you can dance with a lot of open space, while travelling anywhere.

Party buses are made for the ultimate party people. Many are packed with loud and bright entertainment systems, including flashing lights like a club. This allows the party to never die down in between transitions between clubs, dinner, or wherever you guys are getting wild at.

Safety should always be priority in any situation. However, when an event calls for excessive alcohol drinking, safety tends to be of least concern. It is important not to neglect safety when out on the town, especially when the party is big enough to include all kinds of drinking behavior and attitudes.

Guests and event coordination is one of the main challenges for any host. When guests arrive/leave in separate cars, coordination can be even more of a nightmare.

Renting a party bus will alleviate many safety concerns by keeping a big party together. The chauffeurs are trained professionals. Make sure you validate that the rental company is legitimate and is fully licensed and insured. Their insurance should cover the vehicle and the passengers. Your chosen bus should carry at least $1 million coverage.

Entertainment is beefed up in a party bus. They feature wider and plushier seats, full bars to keep the alcohol flowing, mirror ceilings with action packed lighting, surround sound to blast all night, plasma TVs, and much more. Chauffers are very accommodating to group events and will have experience to safely take you and your guests around. This could mean faster travel through traffic, and even hookups to some of the hot spots in town.

When renting one of these parties on wheels, book in advance. This is highly suggested during high seasons such as prom. You want to reserve your bus about 3 months prior to the event.

Ensure you understand the quoted price. Also, inquire about discounts or specials. Some limo services offer discounts for booking your wedding and the bachelor/ette parties transportation at the same time. There may also be a minimum hour required to receive a special price. Some quotes may not include gratuity, sales tax, or administrative fees.

If you are looking to have a huge memorable party with minimal interruptions and safety concerns, you should consider a party bus rental. Have fun partying all night long – even on the road!

What You Need to Know About a Bus Rental Service

Choosing to rent a bus with a bus driver for your next event or trip is an excellent idea, especially if you have a large group of people and the trip is going to take a while. However, there are some things that you will want to know about your bus rental service option and how to choose the best bus rental service for your needs. With these few simple tips, you should be able to successfully find and charter the right bus for your needs.

First of all, if you are going across state lines and you use a bus rental service, then you need to know that mini-buses generally cannot cross state lines. This information is important because if you have a small group and you want this type of service, you are going to have to rent a larger bus than you actually need. In addition, mini-buses do not have the room that larger buses do (no bathrooms either), making them a bit less comfortable than a full size bus. If your trip is short then this may not be an issue, but if you are talking about a few hours and you have young children (or elderly people) this could prove to be a problem.

If you are renting a large bus, then you need to feel comfortable with your bus driver. Many people do not realize that they have the right to refuse a driver if they don’t feel comfortable. If you are transporting children, insist on a background check from the bus rental service for any driver they are considering assigning to you. If your trip is going to require an overnight stay (or more than one overnight stay) it is your responsibility to provide accommodations for the driver. He or she will not sleep on the bus and they do not pay for their own rooms.

Lastly, the reputation and reliability of the companies that you are considering is very important to the success of your trip. You need to be sure that your company doesn’t have a habit of dropping customers when a better deal comes along or that they don’t have constant mechanical issues and so on. A quick online search for the companies that you are looking at should give you some customer reviews. Also, consider checking the Better Business Bureau for complaints and see how each company stands up against each other.

3 Reasons School Buses Make the Best Bus Rentals

When you need to rent a bus or charter, there are several different styles that you can select from. There are services that rent out sleek, modern designs that are quite stylish and attractive but which aren’t the safest or most affordable options. You then have services that offer rental buses designed like school buses.

Why should you choose the latter rather option rather than the former? There are three important differences that make school buses the best options for your travel needs:

#1: Safety First

School buses are among the safest buses on the road today. Think about it for a moment: these are buses designed to carry children safely from their homes to school as well as further away for field trips. Of course, the best technology in safety is going to be employed on buses designed to carry such precious treasures.

That is exactly why you want to rent out buses that are designed like school buses, even if you aren’t transporting children. It’s just a matter of safety.

You can expect to see higher quality, protective materials used to protect a school bus from side collisions. You can also expect these buses to have steel roll cages in case of highway accidents and wide variety of other safety design features.

Even the seats on a school bus will be designed to absorb more shock and energy so they are safer for your travelers.

#2: Select Your Size

One great benefit of school buses is they come in many different sizes. You can find smaller buses designed to travel with fewer than 15 passengers and then long buses that can hold up to 30 passengers. There are also some sizes in the middle carrying medium sized loads.

This means you don’t have to waste fuel on a large bus when you only have 10 passengers and you always have the option of a larger bus if you want to take a bigger crowd out for a spin.

#3: Comfort is Never Lost

You may not remember the school buses of your childhood as being extremely comfortable, but the buses you rent today are incredibly comfortable. The seats are designed to cushion for longer rides without sacrificing the safety that you of course have to expect.

You get the best of both worlds when you rent school bus style charters. You get safety features that will ensure your passengers are as protected as possible from bumps and possible accidents yet they are comfortable in their seats with air conditioning and heat as well as other features.

If there were to be a fourth reason to rent a school bus rental on this list, it would be that they are widely available and very economical. These are rental buses that won’t break the bank but keep your passengers comfortable the entire ride.

There are some buses out there that look classier or perhaps offer more entertainment features, but they will cost much more than a standard school bus rental and they may not always be as safe. It’s up to you what the priorities are for your trip, but for most groups a school bus rental is the wisest option no matter how you judge it.